McCrory Unvented Systems Installation

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An Unvented Cylinder is a hot water storage system that has a hot water storage cylinder that does not incorporate a vent pipe to the atmosphere. In simple terms, a system of pipework and components operating above atmospheric pressure, normally fed from the mains and sealed to the atmosphere (no vent pipe). As no vent pipe is provided, the system differs from a conventional system in that the operation of the vent pipe needs to be performed in other ways.

Unvented hot water takes away the need for large cold water storage tanks in the loft, and the end user will see such benefits such as high pressure showers. They also work more efficiently than the standard open vented cylinders. Many brands of unvented cylinders now come with extra solar coils that allow the connection of solar panels to the system. We often install solar coil cylinders with no solar panels, as clients decide to spend the money on the solar panels at a later date.

The installation of an unvented hot water system must comply with both the Water Regulations and the Building Regulations. An unvented hot water cylinder must also be notified through local Building Control Office or a competent persons scheme such as GAS SAFE, who will want to ascertain who will be installing the system. The system must be installed by a competent person, in other words someone who is qualified for the installation of unvented hot water cylinders.

Registered with Gas Safe the firm is competent to undertake out all Installation, repairs and maintenance to Unvented Systems and are approved installers for a number of leading central heating manufacturers and suppliers.